Some Updates!

Hey everyone. Well I just got back from Gen Con in Indianapolis and thought I would mention a few updates.

1) The Kickstarter campaign for 1750: Britain vs. France is finally complete! It felt great to complete the fulfillment process. Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement along the way.
2) At Gen Con the limited number of games that were for sale seemed to be selling well so that was encouraging.
3) There are still some copies available on Amazon (I have added a link to the product on Amazon on the right of the home page here).
4) Games are available in Canada through Snakes & Lattes and in Europe through Gamesquest. I will post links to those products once I’ve got them.


A few updates

A few updates-

1) I am planning on attending the GAMA trade show in Las Vegas on the 15th and 16th- if you will be at the show and want to meet up give me a shout!

2) I will be submitting some events for Gen Con in the next week.

3) I have ordered the prototype from the factory- I will be posting some photos once I receive it.


Quick Update

Hey there everyone! I’m still alive and kicking here I just wanted to mention that I am pretty excited at the moment as I’ve gotten a couple new quotes in from different manufacturers that look promising. I’ll be closely re-examinig all of my costs and shipping figures over the coming days to ultimately generate a new Kickstarter relaunch page with a lower funding goal. As of right now I’m planning on doing the relaunch late this winter or early in the spring. Just wanted to mention that things are still progressing and I’m still excited to get this into your hands!