1750: Britain vs. France

Even if you missed the Kickstarter campaign, we are accepting pre-orders for the 1750: Britain vs. France Card Game at the following link:


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What is 1750?

Throughout the 18th century, Britain and France waged a bloody series of wars for nothing short of global domination. Massive sailing warships, armies of bayonet-clad soldiers, and their skilled allies fought for control of North American, African, and Indian colonies. In many ways this was the first “world war”. In 1750, you play as Britain or France, wielding your forces to decide the outcome of this struggle.

Game Features:

- Recruit generals and admirals from the 7 Years’ War (French and Indian War) and the War of the Austrian Succession, and send other military forces to take colonies by force.


- Engage in political efforts to persuade other world powers to enter the conflict on your side and bring their resources to the fight.


- Historically accurate colonies produce exports to add to your economy.




- Play historic event cards at decisive moments to turn the tide of battle.

HE 2

- The cards in 1750 feature the amazing paintings from this era.




5 thoughts on “1750: Britain vs. France

  1. The images and feeling remembers me Battle for Souls from Robert Burke. Is it only because of the use of paintings or is there a common hand behind the design?

    • Hi there thanks for your comment! I think it must just be that common use of paintings. I had never heard of Battle for Souls before but that looks cool too!

      - Jason

  2. I absolutely love the look and feel of this game. I’m sorry to see it didn’t get kickstarted…. Any plans for the future?

    • Hi Mark- Thanks! Still working on getting all the graphic design finalized and then trying to do a new Kickstarter with a lower funding goal next time. Trying to get everything done as fast as possible!

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