Kickstarter campaign, GenCon, and website update

Hello BHG fans!  By the way, I just used “BHG” for the first time.  Now that’s exciting. Ok, in no particular order, here are some updates:


1) I’m looking at August for the start of the Kickstarter campaign.  The timeline appears to be holding up.  Graphic design is underway and is the real driver in terms of our ability to start the Kickstarter.  The Kickstarter page content is otherwise basically finished.  I am very happy with the manufacturer’s responsiveness so that is also looking good.


2) I’m pumped up for the demos and intro games for 1750: Britain vs. France at GenCon this year.  This is our first game, primarily dealing with content from the 7 Year’s War (French and Indian War).  I’m excited that we’ve already got over 30 people signed up to check the game out. Make sure to grab a ticket on the event registration if you are interested.

3) I’ve changed the website’s theme and added some new pages to this website.  I’ve added some new content and will continue to add new postings in the next couple of months.  I’m going to add some articles about history and game design in particular.

Hello there!!

Thanks for stopping by our page!  I just wanted to mention that for the time being we are posting all of our updates on our facebook page:


We will continue to keep this site online and may add some additional features to it (possibly a shopping cart eventually).  For now our facebook page is the best way to monitor our progress and communicate with us.  Again thanks for your interest in our company and products!!