Game Design

Observations and lessons learned.


In this video I review some game design / playtesting materials for board game (or card game) development.  Most of these materials were obtained at Hobby Lobby and a teacher supply store.



Quick note on something I learned about after making that video- basically I would suggest using card sleeves with your playtesting sets (instead of or in addition to blank cards).  Then you can cut out cells from MS Excel or another file management systme (that contain your card statistics) and place the paper with the card statistics into the card sleeves.  That way as you make changes to cards you just swap out the excel information.  It’s at least something to consider.  Maybe use that in combination with the image thumbnails that I showed in the video.  Another tool I’ve heard of for card editing/ creation is called “Magic Set Editor” which can be found on SourceForge:


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