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Hey there everyone! I’m still alive and kicking here I just wanted to mention that I am pretty excited at the moment as I’ve gotten a couple new quotes in from different manufacturers that look promising. I’ll be closely re-examinig all of my costs and shipping figures over the coming days to ultimately generate a new Kickstarter relaunch page with a lower funding goal. As of right now I’m planning on doing the relaunch late this winter or early in the spring. Just wanted to mention that things are still progressing and I’m still excited to get this into your hands!

1750: Britain vs. France Press Release

An 18th Century Battle for Colonies around the World

Battle Hardened Games announces 1750: Britain vs. France, a new strategy card game now on Kickstarter.

Battle Hardened Games is seeking backers for 1750: Britain vs. France, in which players wage a highly thematic 18th Century worldwide military campaign.  One player controls British forces and the other controls the French, using dice and cards to fight battles for control of colonies in North America, Africa, and India.  Game lovers of Axis and Allies, Summoner Wars, and the old Star Wars CCG will find some familiar mechanics here.

In 1750, you recruit generals and admirals from the 7 Year’s War (aka French and Indian War) and War of the Austrian Succession, and send them and other military units to seize your opponent’s colonies.  You will also engage in political efforts to get other world leaders to support your cause, and play historic event cards at critical moments to swing the game in your favor.  Gaining colonies will give you more exports to further boost your war effort.  Making the right purchases will prove just as critical as your tactical decision-making.

Another unique feature of 1750 is that is features 18th Century paintings in all of the game’s artwork, greatly enhancing the historic feel of the game.

The Kickstarter campaign features single copies of 1750 at $45, with a discount if multiple copies are ordered.  Free shipping is available for backers in the US, Canada, UK, and Germany.

Will you rewrite history, or will history repeat itself?  Find out in 1750: Britain vs. France.

Kickstarter page: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/824294326/1750-britain-vs-france

Playing Time: 45-60 minutes

Number of Players: 2 Players

Recommended ages: 13 and up

Battle Hardened Games websitehttp://battlehardenedgames.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BattleHardenedGames

Twitter: https://twitter.com/historybattles

The Kickstarter for 1750: Britain vs. France is now live!!

box3d (1)bbxcbxf leadersI just hit the launch button for our first game, 1750: Britain vs. France.  Here is the link to the Kickstarter page:


1750 is a 2-player card game where one player controls British forces and the other controls French forces in a battle over colonies around the world in the 1700’s.  1750 is a card game but you have units and roll dice like in a wargame.  One unique thing about the game is that it features historically accurate paintings and maps from that era in all of the artwork.  I have always been passionate about gaming and history, and for a long time now I have wanted to try to create my own game using artwork from this period.

what_in_the_box (1)

If you’re not familiar with Kickstarter, it’s a “crowdfunding” site where project creators raise funds from their backers and give them something in exchange for their pledge.  It is very common for game project creators to give their backers a copy of the game in exchange for their pledge, which is the main thing I’m trying to do.   If you are interested in learning more about Kickstarter, this page explains the basics of how it works:


A couple of points of emphasis:

#1- You use an Amazon account to process payment to a Kickstarter campaign.

#2- You will not be charged anything until this project is complete, and only if it has also successfully met the funding goal.  If the funding goal isn’t met you are charged nothing.

I am humbly asking for your support in helping me make this dream a reality.  There are a couple of  different things I would ask for your help with:

1) Please pledge toward the Kickstarter campaign.  Even a pledge of $1 gets me closer to meeting the funding goal.  Every pledge will also help increase the popularity of my campaign on Kickstarter’s website, driving more viewers to my page via searches on Kickstarter itself.  So every pledge definitely counts.  Obviously I also hope you will consider backing me at higher levels where I will ship you the game upon project completion, either for yourself or as a gift to someone else.  Thus far gameplay feedback has been very positive.
2) Even if this type of game or subject isn’t of great interest to you, if it’s of interest to a family member, coworker, friend, etc., please let them know about the campaign.  I am especially trying to attract gamers, history buffs, and educators to this product.  Many history fans and educators seem to especially enjoy the artwork in the game.

I am hugely appreciative of anything you are willing to do to help me make this dream a reality.  Thank you so much for your support!


Jason Huffman

Gen Con / Kickstarter Next Week !!

Gen Con 2014 was an absolutely fantastic trip.  Had a lot of fun, met some great people and I was really excited to get to show the game to so many people.  I got tons of great feedback, a lot of which I have used to make some tweaks to the game.  I’ve added some advanced rules variants in particular to give players more gameplay options.

I was so encouraged to see that a lot of people were interested in this subject.  I do find this era of history totally fascinating and it looks like I’m not alone on that.  It gets me really excited about the Kickstarter campaign next week.  The objective is to have the Kickstarter go live next Tuesday morning.  Still putting the finishing touches on the page and coordinating with reviewers so I will be keeping busy!

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